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16th December 2019, £126.87 profit, EURUSD long.
4th Dec 2019, EURUSD, £224.32 profit. Live video on YouTube.
27th Nov 2019 – EURUSD
W/C 18th Nov 2019 – Stopped out with small losses twice on a choppy, sideways EURUSD market.
12th Nov 2019, £185.96 profit trading EURUSD short. Live video on YouTube.
7th Nov 2019, £235.78 profit banked trading EURUSD short.
29th – 30th Oct, EURUSD, £335.13 profit.
23rd Oct 2019 – GBPUSD short stopped on continuation attempt.
17th Oct 2019, EURUSD long.
15th Oct 2019 – EURUSD stop out on continuation long attempt only to see price reverse.


10th Oct 2019, EURUSD breakout long. Video on YouTube.
8th Oct 2019 – EURUSD stop out on a breakout attempt long through 1.10. Range low gave way instead. Video on YouTube, less than 1% loss.
EURUSD Trade – 2nd and 3rd Oct 2019
1st Oct 2019 – EURUSD short continuation, small loss.
23rd – 26th Sep 2019, £471.56 profit on EURUSD short. Live video on YouTube in two parts.
19th Sep 2019 – EURUSD FOMC Trade.
16th Sep 2019, £171.96 profit EURUSD short.
13th Sep 2019, USDJPY trade, tiny profit virtually breakeven, ran out of time and momentum on Friday afternoon.
12th Sep 2019, £444.26 profit trading GBPUSD short.
10th Sep 2019, small stop out of -£164.44 trading GBPUSD, looking for retrace entry short but strong support squeezed market higher. Cut quickly as counter trend idea to recent movement. Looking for re-entry, happy to attempt a few times due to strong risk reward.
23rd August 2019, £375.56 profit banked trading EURUSD long. Live trade video recorded and on YouTube.
15th August 2019, £532.89 profit trading EURUSD short. Live recording on YouTube.
12th August 2019 – EURUSD false break stopped. Got short on the retracement only to see prices squeeze back into the range and break to new session highs.
7th August 2019, £237.64 profit banked trading EURUSD long. Live recording on YouTube.
24th July 2019, £386.94 profit trading EURGBP short, live recording on YouTube.
18th July 2019, £106.53 profit trading EURUSD short. Live recording on YouTube. Trade cut early due to strong retrace.
15th – 16th July 2019 – EURUSD trade.
11th July 2019, £516.95 profit trading USDJPY short following Powell’s dovish testimony yesterday. Trade was recorded and is on YouTube.
1st July 2019 – Trade on GBPUSD whilst on holiday.
12th June 2019 – GBPUSD Long stopped.
4th – 6th June 2019, USDJPY trade. Live video on YouTube.
2nd June 2019 – USDJPY & AUDUSD both stopped on big risk off move on Friday following Trump’s announcement to apply 5% tariffs on Mexican goods. Big JPY inflows, massive USD outflows to take those positions caused a knock on effect despite being in the money ahead of the announcement.
17th – 23rd May 2019, EURUSD profit £407.71. Live video on YouTube (part 2).
10th May 2019, £117.83 profit trading EURUSD break through M1 Pivot. Live videos on YouTube in two parts.
30th April 2019, £111.51 profit, EURUSD long. Live video on YouTube.
23rd April 2019 – EURUSD stop out following the retrace attempt to 1.13 (PMI highs). Live video on YouTube.
12th April 2019, £216.69 profit trading EURUSD long. Trade closed as volatility extended through range high. Live video on YouTube.
8th April 2019, £167.48 net profit trading EURUSD long. Trade was opened on the 3rd April, sat through Non Farm Payrolls and Limit order was filled today. Live video on YouTube.
2nd April 2019, £85.94 profit, EURUSD short. I was looking for a quick breakdown through to new YTD lows, however the market paused and diverged. As the pair was in close proximity to the low points of support, I cut the trade and booked the small profit. Live video on YouTube.
28th March 2019. AUDUSD Short trade, small profit just over £80.00, range low holding, little volatility, trade taken off the table. Live video on YouTube.
26th March 2019, Went into the EURUSD short through the 1.13 handle looking for a stop run past 1.1270, the lack of continuation and choppy price action on the 60m (with divergence) forced me to cut the trade on a price spike. Live video on YouTube.
15th March 2019 – EURUSD reversal in the afternoon after moving nicely to the downside. Live video on YouTube.
11th March 2019, following the Dovish ECB last week coupled with the positive US data, I shorted the EURUSD at the initial retrace zone to see a re-test of 1.12 (1:1 RR min). However, positive Brexit commentary last night caused a 100 tick+ run in GBPUSD which pulled the EURUSD up through the highs with it (25 ticks or so). I was stopped, I’ll now be sitting out until tonight’s vote.
7th March 2019, Just over £200 banked trading AUDUSD short. Live video on YouTube.
27th Feb 2019 – EURUSD trade was opened yesterday after the Fed’s semi-annual monetary policy testimony – tiny profit/virtually breakeven. I was looking for the mid 1.14s to take profit, but the bearish price action coupled with the divergence at the 1.14 handle signalled to me that price is more likely to fall than rise at this junction. Live video on YouTube.
20th Feb 2019, £431.83 profit trading EURUSD long. Live video on YouTube.
14th & 15th Feb 2019 – Chopped up on the EURUSD over x2 trades yesterday. Live video on YouTube.
£274.86 profit trading EURUSD short, opened Friday, held over the weekend and closed just ahead of the 4pm Fix. Live video on YouTube, US Factory Orders slide along with S1 support/4 hourly 50EMA form part of the reasons for taking the position off the table.
25th Jan 2019, USDJPY trade was opened yesterday at 109.74 looking for an advancement in risk assets. The markets were fairly tight and volatility was low, but overnight and during the EU session we had a fairly decent push to the upside. However, going into the US Cash Equity open, the USD reversed sharply across the board and I decided to take the position off of the table for a tiny profit. Live video on YouTube.
9th Jan 2019 – 1st Trade of the year, opened yesterday, closed with a profit of £580.88. Live video on YouTube.