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Here is an example of where a trade DID NOT go according to plan. However, due to the professional nature of our strategy, we still came out in £455.00 profit.
£1,705 Profit Trading EUR/JPY Overnight between 11:15pm (GMT) and 12:30am. This is an example of one of the strategies that we teach being executed during the overnight Asian Session.
£1,275 Profit in 6 Hours on 25/03/2014. This trade was made by one of our Senior Traders using a Trading Application available on smartphones- it is exactly the same as viewing the PC Screen.
£1,885 Profit in Under 10 Hours. This trade was made whilst we were on the move visiting clients through our iPhone Application. You can do this effectively just by using your smartphone – you don’t need to be sat in front of the screen wondering when to get in and out.
We have received a lot of contact regarding our trade size of £50 per point (how much we need, what we use in our account etc). As a result, we wanted to post a trade example at the size most of our new clients trade (£5 per point). As you can see, £100 profit was made in just over 30 minutes.
£1,030 Profit in One Hour
£1,030 Profit Banked within 2 Hours
£1,030 Profit Banked in Under 2 Hours
(This is with reference to the +£1,030 profit trade within 2 hours below) The ‘yellow line’ shows our exit from the market. As you can see, it was a prime example of the level of precision using our strategy.
£1,410 Profit in Under 5 Hours Using our FXEL Strategy
£1,250 in Under 2 Hours
£1,690 Profit in Just Over 1 Hour
£1,505 Profit in Under 2 Hours
£2,490 Profit in Just Over 10 Hours
£1,255 Profit Within 4 Hours
£500 Profit in 30 Minutes Trading Gold.
£968.82 Profit within 24 Hours Using one of our Longer Term Strategies
£1,035 Profit in Under 2 Hours
£1,220 Profit in Just Over 8.5 Hours
£1,095 Profit in Just Over Seven Hours
£1,075 Profit in Under 3 Hours.
£3,275 Profit in 4 Days Using one of our Longer Term Strategies

Gold trade from 23/04 to 24/04. Entry signal was generated during the US Session and profit was hit the next day. £995.94 Net Profit.
£1,180 Profit Within 2 Hours. We sold the AUD against the USD on Friday 11/04/2014 due to a number of rejections. Great example of anticipation that price will fall.
£2,045 profit trading EURUSD within 3.5 hours today. Stop loss was kept extremely safe and take profit was just above the S2 Support Level. This was using one of our FXEL Strategies.
£1,330 Profit Trading GBPUSD using one of our longer term strategies that catches the change in sentiment from buyers to sellers.
Here is an example of a trade that DID NOT go to plan. We were aiming for around £1,000 – £1,500 profit. Our FXEL strategies gave us the warning that it is time to take the trade off of the table. We still got out with £125 profit.
£930 profit banked within 4 hours using one of our FXEL Strategies. Perfect example of a precision trade.
£455 Profit Banked within 1 Hour. This was rather a cheeky trade as we were trading with a “Movement B Correction” – we teach our clients how to implement this strategy in their trading.
£200 profit banked in 2 hours using one of our FXEL strategies. This was a beautiful setup with very little risk and every chart was aligned nicely. We will be uploading more examples and doing more videos with similar position sizes to prove that a good living can be made by trading with a small account.
£300.00 Profit in 4.5 hours. This trade was placed at £10 per pip to show what is possible even with a fairly small account. Our clients trade on average between £5 and £15 per point. Our vision here is to get you to achieve 100 pips a week initially. Multiply this by the £10 per pip, you are looking at £1000 per week – tax free as the target. There is also a trade video on the link above that shows exactly you why we entered the trade – live.
£815 profit banked within 4 hours trading the USDCAD on 06/05/2014.
31.7.2014 – Banked £616 profit within 4.5 hours. Brilliant trade setup with the Euro being in beautiful downtrend.
30.7.2014 – £751 Profit in 5 Hours. This was a textbook trade with the currency pair in a great downtrend.
£693 Profit (within 20 minutes) Banked Today Trading the British Pound against the US Dollar. The Pound was due a correction and today was a great entry signal to ride the second Movement.
26.08.14 – £620 banked trading GBP/USD.
22.08.2014 – £582.46 banked trading USD/JPY within 2 hours.
£750 banked today trading EURUSD. Poor retail sales data was released from the US, which weakened the Dollar.
£900 banked trading GBP/USD. We spotted an early, intraday reversal signal and followed the market throughout the trading day. We closed the position at the end of the day because there is important data which will be released tomorrow. This is from the UK with regards to the inflation report and it will have an effect on the price of GBP.
£900 banked in just under 1 hour trading the EUR/USD.

How is that for consistency?
22.09.14 – £594 banked within 3 hours.
£1,002.00 Banked within 38 Minutes.
£1,038.00 Banked in 6 Hours Trading x2 Currency Pairs
15.09.2014 £600 banked within 7 hours.
08.10.14 – £1500 banked in just under 1 hour.
£1,190 Banked in 3 Hours and 20 minutes. Live trade video for this trade is on our YouTube Channel.
26.11.14 – £1,000 banked in 1.5 hours. Live trade video is on our YouTube channel.
25.11.14 – £2,000 banked in 6 hours. Live trade video is on our YouTube Channel.
20.11.14 – £2,110 Banked Within 3 Hours. Live Trade Video is on our YouTube Channel.
11.11.14 – £1,000 banked in 5 hours trading GBP/USD. Live trade video of this trade has been posted onto our YouTube Channel.
10.11.14 – £2575 banked in 3 hours. This trade was placed just using the 4 Hourly Chart.
£3714.30 Banked Trading EURUSD. This particular position we held overnight to capitalise on price falling even further the next day. There is a live trade video that shows our entry and exit with trading commentary on our YouTube Channel.
HOW’S THAT FOR CONSISTENCY? Our trading performance over the last month…(live trade videos all on YouTube)
£1,582 Banked in 4 Hours. This was placed on Non-Farm Payroll day – live trade video is on our YouTube channel!