The Broker We Use

Before we go into this, I want to make it extremely clear that you can use whatever broker you want to use. You don’t have to trade with FxPro. I’m giving you my take on why we use them and why it’s of benefit to ensure what you’re seeing is the same as what we’re seeing. We all know that selecting the brokerage and platform that handles your trades and funds must ensure optimal trading conditions at all times. You also want to make sure that you’re trading the best possible market prices available so that you’re forming your trade ideas from valid price feeds.


From a business perspective, it’s also imperative for us that our broker understands the service that we’re delivering to our Clients – you guys. The broker we use is FxPro


Here’s Why: 

  • Excellent price feed and the correct close times of tradable assets displayed.
  • Pivot points are exactly how they should be (these could vary massively depending on the broker that you use because they are derived from your brokers feed). In this case, they’re spot on. 
  • Built in trading tools free of charge such as the Live Squawk feed which we use to gage breaking news and shifts in market sentiment. 
  • Outstanding collection of asset classes and correctly priced instruments, i.e. the correct USD futures index, the E-mini S&P futures and accurate prices on cash instruments. Many brokers offer derivatives of markets which are not professionally recognised as valid prices in the industry – it’s imperative that you get the right prices and markets to analyse/trade. 
  • Nowadays, spreads are extremely tight across all the big providers. This broker is no different.
  • Up to 7000 orders executed per second, 99.9% of orders executed within 42 milliseconds
  • Founded in 2006, outstanding track record and a number of awards won (40+). 
  • Headquarters based in the City of London, regulated by over 30 regulatory authorities around the world (most relevant to us is the UK Financial Conduct Authority/FCA registration number 509956). 
  • More than 12 liquidity providers with no dealing desk intervention. In short, no conflict of interest against you as a client. 
  • Our templates and indicators work seamlessly and you will have the exact same levels as we do

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  • You can use whatever broker you wish, you don’t have to use FxPro. Our indicators  and templates will work with most MT4 brokers, but the profiles layout (which includes the DXY futures and stock indices) may not be complete if your broker does not offer those as tradable instruments. Therefore, you may have to make some changes your side. 
  • We do prefer that every Client has the same price feed in order to make their trading decisions as our indicators will adjust depending on the prices quoted by your broker. Therefore, it’s important to note that if you do decide to use another broker, the pivots/moving averages/oscillators may appear slightly different. 
  • We’re not one of these companies that introduces our Clients to brokerages in order to earn revenue from trading volumes and frequent dealing. In fact, we believe that sitting on your hands most of the time is the right way to trade. The only reason that we’re concerned about our Clients using the same brokerage is down to getting the same trade ideas and stop placement zones correct – that’s it. We’re not concerned at all with your trade volume or frequency. 

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